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Started by a pair of individuals with a love of sports and hats. Crown Kleen has designed revolutionary and safe cleaning solutions in hat care. Our products will not only keep your hat looking like new, but will also protect your skin from dirt, sweat, and buildup by getting rid of stains and odors on the INSIDE of your head wear, as well as the outside. Our Crown Wipes(™) and Premium Hat Care Cleaner were designed for you to conveniently clean your hat anywhere. No matter what type of head wear you have, our products will help extend the life and durability of your favorite hat. Once you’ve used any of our products, simply grab your hat and head out the door, and enjoy the day worry-free.

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Who is Crown Kleen?

Same Company Different Name

Crown Wipes(™) have become well renowned within the hat community and we can't say thank you enough to all of our customers and supporters for making us the #1 hat cleaner in the game. We want to bring you more than just wipes. In order to do that, we've changed our name to cover the full scope of hat care for all of our products now and in the future. Stay tuned for what we have in store!